ODI LAGI from Nigeria

 ODI LAGI from Nigeria


Odi Lagi, is a development professional and human rights advocate with over 12 years experience promoting human rights based programming in Nigeria.

She is the Program Director for, NULAI Nigeria, a network of clinical programmes promoting access to justice, legal aid and public interest lawyering.

Her work has led to the development of clinical law programmes across law faculties from nothing, to securing institutional approval and inclusion of University-based legal aid clinics into the community of statutorily recognized legal aid services in Nigeria through the Legal Aid Council of Nigeria Act. She is a member, Board of Director and the current African representative with the Global Alliance for Justice Education (GAJE) and also serves as the Secretary of its Executive Committee.

Odi Lagi is seasoned development professional with a Diploma in Development Leadership from Coady International Institute and Diploma in Social Innovation from UN University of Peace. She is an Open Society Justice Initiative (OSJI) Human Rights Fellow with a Masters in Human Rights from the Central European University and a trained human rights educator from Equitas (International Centre for Human Rights Education, Canada).